The company ensures the security of its users’ personal information as much as possible.

When registering on the web page, you automatically agree to the site’s internal policy and personal information security rules established by Georgian legislation.

·         The company will not transfer to third parties the personal information recorded by you on the site.

·         The company will not share your personal e-mail and phone number with advertising companies.

·         Information about your purchased items will not be passed on to third parties except for tax authorities.

·         The company reserves the right to place products in accordance with its policy on its website.

·         The company reserves the right to provide the contact information recorded by the user to the courier company, in order to provide a perfect service in case of delivery of the products on site.

·         The company ensures that the contract with the courier company regulates the confidentiality of contact information. This means that the provided information will not be passed on to third parties

·         The Company reserves the right to send informational messages to the e-mail registered by the User for the purpose of communication.

The company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information entered during registration, if it is done by someone other than the person who owns the information.