Terms of delivery

1. Agreement

• The vendor.ge website is the property of Siemji Group LLC (S/K 200267889).

• Before placing an order, please familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract.

• In case of additional questions, you can contact us: Tel: 555551811

2. Parties to the Agreement

• vendor.ge LLC Siemji Group (S/C 200267889) – vendor
• A natural/legal person who enters the website – the buyer.

3. Obligations of the seller

• To hand over the item free of material and legal defects to the buyer.
• The item is flawless if it corresponds to the quality agreed between the parties.
• According to the conditions stipulated in the contract, deliver the item to the buyer and transfer the ownership right.

4. The seller has the right

• To request payment of the value of the item from the buyer, in accordance with the terms of the contract.
• To request timely receipt of the ordered item from the buyer.
• To request full and timely fulfillment of the terms of the contract from the buyer.

5. Obligations of the buyer

• To pay the value of the item according to the terms of the contract.
• To receive the item delivered to him on time.

6. Buyer’s Rights

• To request the transfer of an item free of material and legal defects.
• To require the seller to deliver the item according to the conditions stipulated in this contract.

7. Method of payment and delivery

• Payment is made by cashless transfer.
• In exceptional cases, it is possible to pay in cash.

8. Terms of delivery

• Item delivery is carried out throughout Georgia;
• The item is sent to the buyer, to the address agreed between the buyer and the seller;

• If the order is placed before 12:00, you will receive the product on the next working day;
• If the order is placed after 12:00 p.m., you will receive the product on the second-third working day;

Delivery throughout Georgia (regions/villages)
• Delivery will be made within 2-5 working days after placing the order (depending on the region);

9. Express delivery (Tbilisi and surroundings)

• Orders received before 14:00 on a working day will be delivered in 2-3 hours – price: 15 GEL
• In order to use the express service, you need to put the store operator in the case, via messenger or phone.

10. Warranty

• When an item is purchased, the product serial number is attached to the customer’s invoice for electronic accounting. printed or electronic warranty coupons are issued by the company;
• Warranty service includes the following:
• The warranty period starts from the date of signing the acceptance-handover;
• For warranty service, contact us at the number indicated on the warranty card;
• If a factory defect is found, the item is subject to replacement within three days of purchase;
• In case of finding a factory defect, the item is subject to repair after three days of purchase;
• In the event of a factory defect, the item will be replaced immediately after completion of the relevant procedures (no later than one month);
• The customer must present the item with an undamaged box, complete packaging, complete set and without any mechanical damage;
• To receive warranty service, the user must present a warranty card containing the product’s sale date, product brand, model, store seal and signature;
• If the service center fails to repair the item within 30 days, the item is subject to replacement;
• At the time of replacement, the store is guided by the market value of the product to be replaced on the date of occurrence of this condition. You can use the balance to change products of the same or other category.

11. Product Replacement

• The product can be changed: only if the product features do not match the description of the technical features on the website and its visual side.
• The seller does not change the product if you no longer like the item, you no longer consider it necessary to own it, it does not meet your expectations, and for other similar reasons;
• The seller does not exchange the item if the buyer, during its acceptance – delivery, improperly checked the product
• The seller does not exchange the item if it has mechanical damage.
• The seller does not replace the item if the packaging is damaged, the instruction is missing (if any), the item shows traces of external use, is disassembled arbitrarily, replaced with another product or does not have a complete set.
• The product can be exchanged or returned within 3 (three) working days after its purchase.
The item is not subject to warranty service if:

12. Expired warranty period

• The serial number does not match the product purchased by the user;
• the item has mechanical, thermal or water damage caused by penetration into the mechanism;
• The product set is not fully presented;
• the item was damaged due to incorrect operation;
• If the item is not for industrial or commercial use and was damaged during commercial use;
• Product damage is caused by electrical failure (high current surge);
• thing